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No two people are the same, and that’s why we are dedicated to finding the right finance program that suits your needs and your budget. Apply for an auto loan today; whether you have good credit, bad credit, or no credit at all, our finance team will work hard to find an auto loan with a term and payment plan that makes sense for you.

How Can We Help? 

Prime Credit 

We’re always looking to get the most affordable loan possible for our customers, and if you have a good or “prime” credit score, we’re going to find the loan with the lowest possible interest rate possible, and for a term that makes sense for you.

No Credit History

Just starting out on your own and need reliable transportation? Students and first-time borrowers can get approved and start driving sooner. Start building your credit score now and get to class faster!

Bankruptcy or Bad Credit

Sometimes life throws you a curveball and your credit takes the hit. If you’ve recently experienced financial difficulties as the result of a recent business closure, missed payments or unemployment and need a second chance on an auto loan, you can get approved with Elite Auto Centre.

Unexpected STRUGGLES 
Poor or Questionable Credit

Fresh starts aren’t always beneficial to our financial situations but you can turn things around. If you’re recently divorced, going through a separation or experiencing financial instability, your credit score can be questionable. Approval is still within reach!

No Credit History

New to Canada and looking for your first vehicle? Transitioning into your new life is easier with reliable transportation and an auto loan is a great way to start building a reputable credit score when you are starting with zero credit.

No Longer Able to Work

Accidents happen and sometimes those accidents can have a profound affect on your life. If you’re out of work and on Long Term Disability, you need a dependable vehicle to be mobile and live your life. With a consistent monthly income we can likely get you into a reliable used vehicle. Let’s get you driving again.

Negative Equity

When your car's value dips below your remaining balance you may feel like your world is flipping upside down. Our expert financial services team can advise you on how to escape from negative equity situations and get you back in the black.


Lease Busting

Are you stuck in a high-interest, multi-year lease? Talk to our finance team and find out how you may be able to refinance your vehicle and bust out of your current lease. You don’t have to suffer from high monthly payments. Contacts our team for a little help in busting out of your current lease.


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