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Are you looking to sell your vehicle? You’ve come to the right place. Elite Auto Centre is the Okanagan Valley’s premiere pre-owned vehicle dealership and we’re always looking for quality vehicles for our extensive inventory. We only buy the best, so if you’re looking to sell your high quality car, truck, or SUV, contact us today.


Simple Trade-in Process

Selling or trading-in your vehicle isn’t a difficult process, at least not with Elite Auto Centre. We make the process easy and hassle-free. We’re known to offer generous values for pre-owned vehicles that are well taken care of and running well.


Simply fill out the appraisal form below and give us some key information about your vehicle. 


We’ll compare your vehicle to similar models on the market and give you a price range of what your vehicle could be worth.


If you agree with the price range we give you, we’ll get you to stop by so we can put your vehicle through a proper appraisal.

Trade-in and Trade-up

We’re happy to buy your used car, even if you don’t buy one of ours. Before you make a decision, browse our inventory of quality pre-owned vehicles. Use the value of your vehicle and trade-up to a newer, more capable car, truck, or SUV. We have a large inventory of vehicles to choose from, so the chances are your next vehicle is waiting for you. Browse our pre-owned inventory today!

Common Trade-in Questions

How does a car trade-in work when you still owe money?

Depending on the specific circumstances, if you still owe money on the vehicle you’re looking to trade-in, we may be interested in buying it. Generally speaking, if you qualify, a dealer will loan you the amount needed to pay off the remainder, then the vehicle’s ownership is transferred to the dealership. Of course, that amount you were loaned to pay off your vehicle will be added to the cost of the vehicle you trade-up to at the dealership.


Is it better to sell a car or trade it in?

When you sell a vehicle privately it puts a lot more burden on you, the owner. Along with placing ads, interacting with potential buyers, and haggling over price, you’ll also have random people coming to your house to have a look at the vehicle. When you trade-in your vehicle or sell it to a dealership, you eliminate much of the hassle and uncertainty compared to selling it privately.

Can you trade-in your car if it's damaged?

Some dealerships do purchase damaged vehicles, but if there is significant damage it is unlikely they will sell it on their lot. Badly damaged vehicles are generally sold in bulk at auction or to a junkyard. If there is light damage on your vehicle that can be easily repaired a dealer may be interested in buying it, but it’s dependent on the extent of the damage and how much time and money it will take to fix.

Can you trade-in a car that's paid off?

Yes, absolutely. We’ll appraise your vehicle and find a more capable car, truck, or SUV in our inventory that suits your lifestyle.


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