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Going through a divorce can damage your credit and disrupt your financial security. A household with two incomes now has to support the weight of two houses and two vehicles. If you are recently separated from your spouse and locked into an auto lease, or divorced and looking for an auto loan, there are simple steps you can take to help make sure both you and your former partner's transportation needs are met.

Separation is hard enough without worrying about transportation needs and if you are starting fresh with no credit or trying to protect your current credit rating, there are ways Elite Auto Centre can help you. If you have questionable credit and want to buy a new vehicle we have a few recommendations to help you protect your credit and rebuild your finances.

Choose safety over flashy

Even if the siren song of the new sports car is calling to you, it's best to choose an affordable and highly safety rated vehicle, especially if you have children. Not only is this more affordable but purchasing a family friendly and safe vehicle is in your best interest when it comes to custody disputes.

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Let go of your past vehicles

With two incomes you may have been able to afford a luxury vehicle. Now that those incomes are split, you may consider letting go of that luxury brand and opting for a less expensive vehicle (or two). It can be difficult to accept this change in lifestyle but in order to protect your finances, this is a good thing to consider.

Check your auto agreements

Did you sign a lease your ex? Make sure any existing auto payments are being accounted for if you or your partner have co-signed the paperwork. There are ways to get out of a lease agreement without penalty. Contact your lease provider to learn more.

Need help navigating your next auto loan? If you're recently divorced, have bad credit, no credit or questionable credit, Elite Auto Centre is here to help. Contact Jason, our credit specialist for more information at 1 (250) 712-0668

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