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Long Term Disability, BC

Experiencing a major accident or injury can be life changing. Unfortunately, household and workplace accidents are common in BC. Adapting to life after an accident can be difficult, and that can been even harder when you don't have a dependable vehicle to get around.

Whether you're going to a medical appointment or simply to the grocery store, you'll have a lot more freedom with a quality used vehicle from Elite Auto Centre. We can help make that happen. Loans for people on disability are a reality with Elite Auto Centre.

Steady Income

One of the key factors when securing an auto is whether or not the individual has steady monthly income. If you are on Long Term Disability (LTD) and receiving money each month from the federal or provincial government or another source, we can likely get you financing for a quality used vehicle.

You're not alone

Buying a car while on disability allowance may seem far fetched, but you're not alone. With 1 in 7 Canadians suffering from some sort of disability, you're not alone in the struggle to get auto financing when on LTD. We're here to help.

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Contact Elite Auto Centre's credit specialist Heather at 1 (888) 625-6547 and discover how easy it is to secure an auto loan.

Long Term Disability auto Loan Kelowna, British Columbia

Long Term Disability Auto Loan Elite Auto Centre

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